suíomh tosaithe ina seasann an coraí aghaidh ar aghaidh agus a ghuaillí dronuilleach leis an gcéile comhraic taobh istigh den limistéar coraíochta
the starting position in which you stand face to face and with your shoulders square to your opponent in the wrestling area
— Wrestling For Dummies Cheat Sheet: https://www.dummies.com/sports/wrestling-for-dummies-cheat-sheet/
When in the neutral position, the referee shall announce a neutral danger signal (NDS) anytime a wrestler exposes their shoulders to the mat at any angle less than 90 degrees (neutral danger zone).
— TheOpenMat.com - Hey Ref: What Do You Think of The Neutral Danger Zone Rule?: https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/hey-ref-think-neutral-danger-zone-rule/64658
Cnuasach Coraíochta
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