teicníc ina gcuireann coraí a sciathán thar chúl uachtar láimhe an chéile chomhraic nuair atá a lámh timpeall ar chos nó corp an choraí, ionas go bhfaigheann sé an luamhán chun an t-ionsaí a chosc
a technique in which a wrestler wraps his or her arm over the opponent's arm when it is around the body or leg and uses it to develop leverage to counter an attack
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.183
The most basic way to drill a whizzer is to teach wrestlers its application to square-off with an opponent after their shot
— TeamUSA.org - Working on the Whizzer: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2001/April/30/Working-on-the-Whizzer
Cnuasach Coraíochta
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