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gu: ceannfháscaidh, iol: ceannfháscaí
fáscadh a tharlaíonn nuair a chuireann coraí a rí ar dhealrachán an chéile chomhraic agus beireann sé ar chúl an chinn nó muiníl lena lámh
a tie up that happens when a wrestler places the forearm on the collarbone of the opponent and grasps the back of the opponent's head or neck with the hand
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.82
Usually, done with a head tie, coaches teach athletes to fake at the legs and quickly follow the leg fake with a snapping motion on the head-tie.
— TeamUSA.org - Snapdowns to Takedowns: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2001/October/03/Snapdowns-to-Takedowns
cruth áirse a dhéanamh den chorp tríd an gceann agus na cosa a chur ar an talamh agus an droim a chromadh suas, chun an céile comhraic a chosc ó leagan a thuilleamh.
to make a bridge of the body by pressing the head and feet on the ground and bowing up the back, to prevent the opponent from securing a fall.
— The century dictionary and cyclopedia, a work of universal reference in all departments of knowledge with a new atlas of the world Volume XI p.164: https://archive.org/details/centurydictionar11whit/page/164/mode/2up
Let Physical Therapy Specialists assist you in keeping on top of your opponent by preparing your body to be nimble and able to twist, turn, or bridge your way out of ever being pinned.
— PhysicalTherapySpecialists.org - Introduction to Wrestling: http://www.physicaltherapyspecialists.org/Sports-Activities/Wrestling/Introduction-to-Wrestling/a~4994/article.html
gu: fáscaidh, iol: fáscaí
teicníc ina mbeireann coraí ar uachtar choirp an chéile comhraic agus é ag seasamh chun smacht a fháil
a technique in which a wrestler grabs the opponent's upper body while standing to gain control
— SportSpectator.com: https://www.sportspectator.com/fancentral/wrestling/guide05.html
Tie-ups can be a way for you to wear your opponent down to set up your offense.
— DicksSportingGoods.com: https://protips.dickssportinggoods.com/skills-and-know-how/wrestling-techniques-collar-tie-contact
spórt  »  coraíocht  »  teicnící  »  fáscaí
sport  »  wrestling  »  techniques  »  tie-ups
gu: fo-chrúca, ai: fo-chrúcaí
fáscadh a chuireann coraí ar an gcéile comhraic tríd an sciathán a chur idir uachtar láimhe agus cabhail an chéile comhraic, agus lámh a ardú ionas go bhfeidhmíonn a uillinn mar chruach faoi ascaill an chéile comhraic
a tie up that happens when a wrestler slides an arm between the torso and upper arm of the opponent, raising the hand and effectively "hooking" the elbow under the armpit
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.82
David Szuba was surprised when John O'Donnell tried to underhook him in the final minute of the first period Sunday night in the NJSIAA heavyweight championship bout at Phillipsburg High School.
— App.com - David Szuba, Hunter Mays win state wrestling championships: https://www.app.com/story/sports/high-school/wrestling/2021/04/25/nj-wrestling-hunter-mays-among-shore-nj-wrestling-championship-day-2-winners/7336531002/
teicníc ina gcuireann coraí a sciathán thar chúl uachtar láimhe an chéile chomhraic nuair atá a lámh timpeall ar chos nó corp an choraí, ionas go bhfaigheann sé an luamhán chun an t-ionsaí a chosc
a technique in which a wrestler wraps his or her arm over the opponent's arm when it is around the body or leg and uses it to develop leverage to counter an attack
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.183
The most basic way to drill a whizzer is to teach wrestlers its application to square-off with an opponent after their shot
— TeamUSA.org - Working on the Whizzer: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2001/April/30/Working-on-the-Whizzer
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gu: malartaithe, iol: malartuithe
teicníc aisiompaithe ina saortar na lámha, suitear ar an gcromán, síntear an lámh siar chuig an gcuid istigh de leis an chéile comhraic, agus úsáidtear luamhán chun tiontú
a reversal technique which involves clearing the arms, sitting to a hip, reaching back to the inside of the opponent's thigh, and using leverage to turn
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.183
Of the two moves, the switch is the harder to hit, but it also gives you two points versus the one point that a simple stand up and escape will give you.
— How to Escape From the Bottom Position in Wrestling: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Escape-From-the-Bottom-Position-in-Wrestlin/
gu: neasleagain, iol: neasleaganacha
leagan coraíochta a scórálann dhá phointe de ghnáth, tuillte nuair a ghreamaítear an dá ghualainn ar an mata ar feadh níos mó ná soicind amháin ach níos lú ná dhá shoicind, nó tríd an dá ghualainn a choimeád dhá throigh nó níos lú den mhata ar feadh dhá shoicind ar a laghad
a wrestling fall scoring usually two points and achieved by pinning both shoulders to the mat for more than one but less than two seconds or by holding both shoulders to within two inches of the mat for at least two seconds
— Merriam Webster Dictionary
Red Jr. scored a reversal and two near fall points in the last seconds of the bout, taking a 4-3 win for the Huskers.
— TeamUSA.org - No. 2 Nebraska wins seven bouts for road win over No. 11 Illinois, 25-9: https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2021/February/21/Nebraska-beats-Illinois-to-close-season
an suíomh tosaithe ina dtosaíonn coraí amháin ar a lámha agus glúine, agus tosaíonn an coraí eile ar mhullach a chéile comhraic, taobh thiar dó agus smacht aige air
the starting position where one wrestler starts on his hands and knees down on the mat, and the other starts on top, behind and in control
— Raiders Wrestling - Wrestling Basics: https://cbraiders.website.sportssignup.com/Site/Wrestling-Basics
During referee's position starting, stand to the rear and to the side of the wrestlers - approximately 90 degrees to 130 degrees to either side or front.
— Suffolk Wrestling Officials Association - MID SEASON 2006-2007 WRESTLING RULES INTERPRETATIONS: http://scwrestlingref.com/swoa/Interpretations/2007MidSeasonRulesInterpretations.htm
suíomh tosaithe ina seasann an coraí aghaidh ar aghaidh agus a ghuaillí dronuilleach leis an gcéile comhraic taobh istigh den limistéar coraíochta
the starting position in which you stand face to face and with your shoulders square to your opponent in the wrestling area
— Wrestling For Dummies Cheat Sheet: https://www.dummies.com/sports/wrestling-for-dummies-cheat-sheet/
When in the neutral position, the referee shall announce a neutral danger signal (NDS) anytime a wrestler exposes their shoulders to the mat at any angle less than 90 degrees (neutral danger zone).
— TheOpenMat.com - Hey Ref: What Do You Think of The Neutral Danger Zone Rule?: https://news.theopenmat.com/college-wrestling-news/hey-ref-think-neutral-danger-zone-rule/64658
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sport  »  wrestling  »  techniques  »  tie-ups
gu: uaschrúca, iol: uaschrúcaí
fáscadh a chuireann coraí ar an gcéile comhraic tríd an sciathán a chur thar chúl a uachtar láimhe, agus an lámh a chur idir a gcliabhraigh.
a tie up that happens when a wrestler wraps an arm around the back of the opponents upper arm and slides the hand between his or her own chest and the opponents chest.
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.82
As Sadulaev bursts into the stance switch, he releases the overhook. It’s not an explosive switch and pull all at once, it’s a two-beat maneuver.
— BloodyElbow.com - Takedown breakdown: Abdulrashid Sadulaev’s overhook shuck: https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2020/5/8/21249094/wrestling-technique-analysis-takedown-breakdown-abdulrashid-sadulaevs-overhook-shuck
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