near fall
gu: neasleagain, iol: neasleaganacha
leagan coraíochta a scórálann dhá phointe de ghnáth, tuillte nuair a ghreamaítear an dá ghualainn ar an mata ar feadh níos mó ná soicind amháin ach níos lú ná dhá shoicind, nó tríd an dá ghualainn a choimeád dhá throigh nó níos lú den mhata ar feadh dhá shoicind ar a laghad
a wrestling fall scoring usually two points and achieved by pinning both shoulders to the mat for more than one but less than two seconds or by holding both shoulders to within two inches of the mat for at least two seconds
— Merriam Webster Dictionary
Red Jr. scored a reversal and two near fall points in the last seconds of the bout, taking a 4-3 win for the Huskers.
— - No. 2 Nebraska wins seven bouts for road win over No. 11 Illinois, 25-9:
Cnuasach Coraíochta
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