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gu: malartaithe, iol: malartuithe
teicníc aisiompaithe ina saortar na lámha, suitear ar an gcromán, síntear an lámh siar chuig an gcuid istigh de leis an chéile comhraic, agus úsáidtear luamhán chun tiontú
a reversal technique which involves clearing the arms, sitting to a hip, reaching back to the inside of the opponent's thigh, and using leverage to turn
— Coaching Youth Wrestling: Third Edition p.183
Of the two moves, the switch is the harder to hit, but it also gives you two points versus the one point that a simple stand up and escape will give you.
— How to Escape From the Bottom Position in Wrestling: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-Escape-From-the-Bottom-Position-in-Wrestlin/
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