cruth áirse a dhéanamh den chorp tríd an gceann agus na cosa a chur ar an talamh agus an droim a chromadh suas, chun an céile comhraic a chosc ó leagan a thuilleamh.
to make a bridge of the body by pressing the head and feet on the ground and bowing up the back, to prevent the opponent from securing a fall.
— The century dictionary and cyclopedia, a work of universal reference in all departments of knowledge with a new atlas of the world Volume XI p.164: https://archive.org/details/centurydictionar11whit/page/164/mode/2up
Let Physical Therapy Specialists assist you in keeping on top of your opponent by preparing your body to be nimble and able to twist, turn, or bridge your way out of ever being pinned.
— PhysicalTherapySpecialists.org - Introduction to Wrestling: http://www.physicaltherapyspecialists.org/Sports-Activities/Wrestling/Introduction-to-Wrestling/a~4994/article.html
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